Competition rules

Get to know the general competition rules


  1. Vuoden Huiput competition consists of 14 series. You can enter works from different sectors of creative design into the competition. Additionally, the annual competition has a Young Creatives series for under 29-year-olds. 
  2. Each series has its own separate registration instructions.
  3. Representatives from organizations in the sector and media can follow the jury work in each series.
  4. All the awarded entries are showcased in the annual Vuoden Huiput Exhibition.
  5. The successful entries and their creators are included in the Vuoden Huiput Annual.
  6. The jury grants Gold and Silver Awards in the different competition series. In addition to the awarded works, the annual also features other work chosen by the jury for the annual. Each jury chooses three to four (3-4) pieces of work for the Silver Award, and of those, one is elevated to Gold.
  7. The head of the juries chooses the best work among the Gold Award winners and grants that work the Grand Prix.
  8. The Platinum Award is given as recognition to one designer who has, over the years, had a significant impact on the industry through his/her creative input. The head of the juries, together with the chairs of all the juries, chooses and assesses the candidates for the award and grants a maximum of one Platinum Award annually.
  9. The Client of the Year Award is given to a person who, according to the jury members, has shown particular skill as a buyer of marketing communication or design and as a cooperation partner. The juries make their suggestions for the award winner to the head of the juries, who makes the final decision.
  10. Other special awards are also given out in the different competition series, which can be sponsored by organisations and companies in the industry.
  11. A new head of the juries, who supervises the jury work, is chosen for the competition on annual basis. The head of the juries gives his/her assessment of the competition when the awards are granted, in the exhibition opening and in the annual. The head of the juries can take part in the decision-making on invitation by a jury, for example, in case only two jury members are left to make a decision due to conflict of interests.
  12. Each competition series’ jury have five (5) members, one of whom is the chair. The chair has the casting vote in case of a tie. Each chair ensures that the objectives, principles and ethical norms of the Vuoden Huiput are met in their series. The chair of each series provides their assessment of the competition entries in the annual and the competition gala.
  13. Participants are responsible for insuring their own work, if they wish to do so.
  14. The competition awards Finnish design. Thus, the participating works must, for the core parts, have been designed in Finland. The competition is also open to work designed abroad by Finnish designers.
  15. All work completed and published after the previous Vuoden Huiput is welcome to participate in the competition.
  16. The competition entries are not returned.
  17. The competition organizer has the right to organize exhibitions with the work sent to the competition. When a competition entry is successful, and it is chosen for the annual exhibition, the work may need re-mounting. The sender is responsible for the costs incurred by the re-mounting work. The organizer also has the right to replicate the competition entries for the event’s communication, teaching and publication activities and for marketing purposes and to use them in all media free-of-charge. For this purpose, the organizer has the right to add the competition entries to services maintained by third parties (whether in Finland or abroad) accepting the terms and conditions of the service provider in question and, thus, to offer the public access to the work.
  18. Competition participants are responsible for ensuring that all the work entered to the competition adhere to copyright regulations.
  19. The decisions made by the jury are final and cannot be appealed.

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